HP is known for its versatile, All-in-One printers. These printers are fun to use and are highly reliable. HP is one of the well-known brands for printers, and many more devices, HP printers are one of the best in as per current users demand. Simply visit: 123.hp.com/setup and download your desired printer model to get started with it.

How to Download HP Printer Software?

The Steps to download 123.hp.com/setup on your device are given below:

 1. Switch on your printer and computer.
2. Make sure that they are connected to the same wireless network (Applicable for wirelessly enabled printers)
3. Next, go to 123.hp.com/setup and enter the name of your printer along with its model number.
4. Click the Download button and wait for the software to be downloaded.
5. Once the download is completed, click on it to open it. 

What are the Steps to Install Wireless HP Printer Setup ?

The installation steps of 123 hp printer software are given below:

1. Go to start and type add printer in the search menu bar.
2. You will be then asked the type of printer you want to install.
3. Select add a network and choose "Wireless".
4. Your window will prompt an install notification
5. click on the install button and wait for a while.
6. Your installation process is completed. 

Setup Wireless HP Printer on your Mac device

1. After Installing Printer, click on the Apple symbol and then, click System Preferences.
2. Then Click on the Printers & Scanners icon.
3. Click the plus “+” symbol to add the printer and click Add Printer option.
4. A new window will open. Click on the IP icon at the top and fill the necessary data.
5. After that, Add the printer to your PC and it has to appear in your printers list once configuration is done.
6. If the printer is not listed, then Follow the steps once again and reconnect the printer.